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Marudhar Calcium Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Calcium Carbonate (ACC & PCC)

Application of Products

The demand for Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and Activated Calcium Carbonate (ACC) is ever on the increase since they are used in a wide range of industries and products. Our purchase team along with Quality Control team personally visits /inspects the mines of our supplier regularly to ensure that the raw material is in accordance with our specification and standards. A list of industries where PCC & ACC are used is summarized below:

DETERGENT To Reduce moisture of detergent and make it free flowing. KRISHNA, MCPL-301
PAPER As a fillter and coating agent. It improve brightness, smothness, opacity and ink receptiveness. MCPL-301
PLASTICS As a fillter, It improves finish impact strength. It is special grade for high % age filter loading in PVC pipe. It improves gloss, tensile strength elongation etc. MCPL-101, MCPL-201
RUBBER As a reinforcing filler and improve strength as well as whiteness. It imparts stiffness to non cured rubber product. MCPL-101, MCPL-102
PAINTS As an extender and opacifying agents, imparts brightness etc. MCPL-101, MCPL-102, MCPL-301
INK As an extender to control strength. MCPL-102
PHARMACEUTICAL As a neutralizing agent in Antacid Liquids and used as a calcium source in tablets and it provides the body shape tablets. MCPL-101, MCPL-102,
COSMETICS As a perfume extender to increase fluffiness and control absorption as a perfume carrier. MCPL-301, MCPL-101
DENTIFRICE As a cleaning and polishing agent due to its abrasiveness property. MCPL-401
FOOD & BEVERAGES To provide calcium as a food additive and helpfull for the growth of body as well as Bones. MCPL-101, MCPL-102
ANIMAL FOOD As a major ingredient in cattle feed as a calcium suppliment and as a part of staple diet of cattle feed. MCPL-102
ADHESIVES & SEALANTS As a filler and pigment in sealants. MCPL-101

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